Ubuntu 12.04 Ultimate Server Guide

This guide will help you configure Ubuntu Server Edition 12.04 for a small/medium business. The server will provide DHCP, DNS, NTP, LDAP, Kerberos and NFS services such that users can login to any machine on the network and all their files and settings will be the same across the entire network. This will be one unified setup, supporting Ubuntu, Windows and OS X clients… let the fun begin! Continue reading Ubuntu 12.04 Ultimate Server Guide

Doctor Who Uses Ubuntu!

This shot is taken from Doctor Who Confidential – Lords and Masters. It is a making of video and at 39:29 you can clearly see several computers running Ubuntu! To be more accurate, it looks like it’s probably several monitors connected to a single computer running Ubuntu, but nevertheless… quite a catch.

Ubuntu being used on the set of Doctor Who
Ubuntu being used on the set of Doctor Who

Going Green for Cancer Research UK

On Saturday 13th June 2009 I had my hair dyed lime green to raise money for Cancer Research UK. We’ve already manage to beat our target of £200, but any more donations would be very gratefully received! You can donate online here: http://www.justgiving.com/danbishop1 Or, in person, by giving cash/cheques to myself, Claire, or Fiona.

To all those who have already donated, thank you! So far we’ve raised a massive £256.96 with some more promised! Particular thanks to Claire and Fiona for actually making this happen (though please don’t be fooled into thinking I won’t get revenge in some form).

Many of you stipulated that in exchange for a donation, I had to provide pictures/videos… so here they are: enjoy!

The Long One:

The Final Result:


[nggallery id=2]

New Year, New Name, New Blog, New Post…

Well, it’s 2009 and I’ve abandoned my old username and website and decided to start using my real name… why? Why not? Ok, firstly, and perhaps most shockingly, it would appear that the British education system is not capable of raising a nation of people who can spell, or in many cases even pronounce, the word ‘vicious’. It’s a major headache if you have to give your e-mail address to someone over the phone…

Secondly, my e-mail address is about to start appearing on CVs and vicious doesn’t send out quite the right image (I hope!). I’ll slowly be moving everything over to this site, but until then the old one will stay online.

I also intend to post more regular updates about the progress of Lex here.