WebLex Beta 2.0 Out Now!

There’s been significant progress made with WebLex in the last few weeks. Mainly through avoidance of revision… Anyway, there is now a beta version out for both Ubuntu and Windows. These can be found at http://www.weblex.org/

The latest version is written in Python and will hopefully be coming to Apple’s OS X shortly too. French and Spanish support are still extremely limited, but this will be improved over time.

Lex Progress Update

There has been some major development of www.weblex.org, however, the offline version of Lex hasn’t received much attention for the last few months. Unfortunately I’ve had to put my degree first for the time being, but I do expect to get a little bit of work done on both online and offline components in my Easter holidays… I do have exams straight afterwards though 🙁

I am also hoping to do an internship this coming summer, but as that should be fairly 9-5-esque I can’t foresee that slowing development too much.

In terms of the online version, I’ll be looking for beta testers soon, the search component is functional, but requires some work still, the submission component is fully functional and the review component has made significant progress.